Critical Connect LMR Interop

Filling The Void – Interoperability On-Demand

Legacy interoperability solutions take a significant amount of time to set up and provision, requiring a separate interface for each agency connected. Critical Connect from Motorola Solutions fills this void by providing cloud-based interoperability between land mobile radio (LMR) systems, broadband PTT, and applications to eliminate barriers and unify communications for all responders.

Easily Enable and Disable Communication Links Between Networks

Interoperability between land mobile radio (LMR) systems, broadband PTT, and applications to eliminate barriers and unify communications for all responders.

Response & Report Technologies
Communicate with
Local Law Enforcement
Improve Coordination
In Major Incidents
Connect Beyond Your
Two-Way Radio Network

Simple, Standards-Based Interoperability
A single, secure P25 ISSI (Inter RF Subsystem Interface) connection provides standards-based interoperability with internal groups and external organizations, reducing both the cost and complexity of interoperable PTT communications.

Flexible, Dynamic Connectivity
Customers can select with whom they want to connect from the other agencies and broadband PTT carriers linked to Critical Connect, quickly setting up and tearing down connections as needs change. Critical Connect also simultaneously translates between communication protocols to ensure that each endpoint receives the format appropriate for its device and network.

Scalable, Fully Featured Communications
Critical Connect is a subscription-based interoperability service as opposed to the traditional solutions that are capital-intensive. The monthly subscription fee allows customers to adjust their level of service quickly and easily as needs grow. Whether an agency needs to connect with one, two, or up to 23 individual agencies, Critical Connect scales to meet the requirement.

Taking Interoperability Beyond Voice
Critical Connect also takes “interoperability” to the next level, providing seamless data communication that is increasingly becoming key to the coordinated multi-agency responses necessary to deal with large-scale events. On top of its enhanced voice features, Critical Connect adds interoperable data communication, making it possible for P25 LMR and broadband PTT users on different networks to share location, presence, and messages for more efficient responses.

Intelligent Fleet Management
Successful interoperable communication with Critical Connect involves intelligent fleet management, radio programming, and operation coordination. The Critical Connect Link Manager is a web-based tool that allows agencies to set up the right combination of interoperable talkgroups necessary to address any incident or event. With Link Manager, administrators can dynamically link one or more broadband and/or LMR talkgroups in a patch, as well as use a drag and drop operation to create, enable, and disable patches.

Providing Significant Value
Critical Connect delivers simple, flexible, scalable interoperable communications between agencies, across town, across state, or across the nation. One link to Critical Connect allows local, state, and federal agencies to connect with a number of other agencies — providing dynamic, seamless PTT communication whenever and wherever needed.


  • Simple, Flexible, Scalable Interoperable Comms
  • Private Calling
  • Automatic Roaming
  • Grouping/Regrouping
  • End-To-End LMR Encryption


  • Provides a Collaborative Response
  • Reduces Costs and Complexities
  • Quick Set-Up and Tear Down
  • Coordinated, Multi-Agency Responses

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