Avigilon Alta: Cloud Video & Access

Avigilon Alta Cloud Security Suite

Avigilon Alta (formerly Ava, Openpath) is Motorola Solutions' cloud-native security suite that empowers you to control your security from anywhere. Deploy a fully cloud-native security system or connect Avigilon Alta with your existing cameras and readers to modernize with intelligent cloud capabilities and analytics. Secured with end-to-end encryption, the 100% serverless solution supports any number of sites and the ability to integrate your current IT stack or custom apps for total operational flexibility.

Experience End-To-End Cloud Security

Improve visibility and increase efficiency across your entire organization with the Avigilon Alta end-to-end cloud
security suite, equipped with AI-powered analytics and fully integrated technology.

Detection Technologies
Manage The Entire
System Together
Enhance Situational
Improve Visibility with
Interoperable Hardware

Avigilon Alta is an entirely cloud-native security suite that brings together Ava Security’s video portfolio and Openpath’s access control solutions. It requires no infrastructure beyond cameras, controllers, and access control readers utilizing cloud infrastructure managed by Motorola Solutions.

Why Avigilon Alta: Bring Security Together

  • Detect threats and anomalies in real time.
  • Enhance operational awareness.
  • Get started integrating easily.

Unified Video and Access Control
Verify every access event when and where it occurs with powerful, interoperable readers, cameras, and cloud-native software.

Associate Alta video hardware with entries and view real-time access activity alongside live footage, with integrated and customizable management dashboards accessible from any device.

Empower security teams and gain valuable operational insights with real-time reporting, custom AI-powered alerts, and visual verification on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Import live and recorded video from Avigilon Pro Series Smart Readers directly into Alta Aware, so you can see what’s happening at the door and throughout your entire facility — without being on-site.

A Smarter Way to Solve Security Challenges
Avigilon Alta simplifies security at every level with intelligent technology designed to increase flexibility, efficiency, and visibility across any number of sites and locations.

Reliable Mobile Access Control
The Alta cloud access control system is built with scalable technologies that can secure anywhere from a single office to a multisite enterprise with ease.

  • Experience Fast, Touchless Entry
  • Implement Everywhere
  • Manage From Anywhere

Alta Aware AI Video Analytics
Extend real-time visibility and proactive security management in the cloud across your entire deployment, all while lowering operational costs and increasing flexibility.

  • Detect Threats and Anomalies
  • Leverage Directional Audio Analytics
  • Make Existing Cameras Smart

Create Your Cloud Security Ecosystem
Avigilon Alta is built on open API standards to support limitless integration with all the tools needed to run your business. Scale and automate your operations by integrating our solution with your existing hardware, business software, and security applications, and seamlessly transition to cloud security.

Easily find and configure cloud-to-cloud integrations from leading technology providers with the Alta App Marketplace to build out your security ecosystem, all managed from a single intuitive, open platform.

Protect Your Investment
Stay one step ahead with future-proof IoT hardware and end-to-end cloud management software that never compromises on security.

  • Backward and Forward Compatibility
  • Instant and Real-Time Updates
  • End-to-End Cloud Scalability


  • End-to-End Cloud-Based Solution
  • Future-Proof IoT Hardware
  • Innovative Capabilities
  • AI-Powered Intelligent Analytics
  • Real-Time Reporting


  • Improve Visibility
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • Empower Security Teams
  • Valuable Operational Insights

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Compliance and Certifications

Avigilon’s end-to-end security solutions are compliant with global government regulations and built on a trusted, cybersecure platform ‒ all designed to help you focus on what matters most.

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SAFETY Act Designation


NDAA Compliant


SOC2 Type II Certified

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ISO 27001 Certified

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