Watchguard Vista Body Cameras

VISTA Body-Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement

VISTA® body-worn cameras and WatchGuard’s 4RE® HD in-car video system work together seamlessly as a single system, capturing video from multiple vantage points and automatically synchronizing it for playback and sharing.

Watchguard Vista Body Camera


An all-in-one simple and rugged camera system ideal for center- or chest-mounting.

Wi-Fi- and GPS-enabled, this ultra-rugged body-worn camera with simple controls allows officers to capture high-quality video evidence individually or as part of an integrated in-car system.

No more fumbling with cables and rigged charging stations. QUICKCONNECT allows the camera and the officer to always be at the ready.

Smart Device Access for VISTA
Access to smart features is a must in modern policing. Manage VISTA features, categorize events and stream live video using your smartphone’s Wi-Fi.

Watchguard Vista Body Camera and DVR


Highly versatile two‐piece police body camera system. Mount the camera to either head or body and connect the quick-release cable to the DVR on the duty belt.

Easily adapts to changes in uniforms and assignments using small, lightweight interchangeable body- and head-mounted cameras.

Record Events from the optimal Perspective
Camera angle can make the difference in evidence quality and usability. Whether you choose the head-worn or body-worn camera, you get the best video evidence experience on the market.

Watchguard Vista Quickconnect Charger


Designed Exclusively for the VISTA® Body-Worn Camera

Put Some Uptime in Your Downtime
For too long, extended shifts have redirected how officers interact with their technology. Things are starting to change.

The new QUICKCONNECT mobile charger plugs into your vehicle’s DC outlet, providing convenient charging opportunities throughout the day and the ability to charge up before an unexpectedly long shift.

QUICKCONNECT works with VISTA and VISTA Wi-Fi body-worn cameras.

Stays on Your Body While Charging
QUICKCONNECT is a lightweight bodycam car charger that attaches to the camera and charges the battery while mounted.

Quick Release Cable Makes for Quick Exits
Adaptability is the name of the game when making technology for law enforcement. This is particularly true when it comes to your bodycam car charger.

The beauty of QUICKCONNECT is its quick-release magnet.

When you need to exit your vehicle quickly, the QUICKCONNECT charging cable disconnects harmlessly. No more worrying about manual unplugging or disconnecting.


When integrated with WatchGuard Video's 4RE In-Car System, VISTA Wi-Fi allows for the intelligent collaboration of all cameras in a recording group to capture a single incident from many angles, linking those videos in evidence.

Introducing VISTA Wi-Fi. The future of video evidence.
VISTA Wi-Fi is the latest addition to the WatchGuard family of video evidence tools for law enforcement.

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