Body-Worn Cameras

Extend your fixed video footprint to include a first-person perspective using body worn cameras.

Improve worker morale, deter crime, and coordinate a more effective response with security body cameras.

Intended to support your workers when dealing with aggression or confrontations on a daily basis, body-worn cameras enable you to foster trust between your team and the public by providing an unbiased independent witness. See what your team sees and watch key decisions unfold, either in real time or after the fact.

A First-Hand Perspective When It Matters Most

Having an objective, unbiased witness matters. From security guards to police officers, Motorola Solutions'
portfolio of body cameras can be relied upon to capture evidence-grade video of any situation.

Response & Report Technologies
Intuitive Operation
Immediate Results
Always Ready
to Record
Manage Your
Videos Your Way

Whatever Your Role, Whatever Your Organization,
We Have a Body Camera That Suits Your Needs

Security Body Cameras
Everyone deserves to feel safe at work. Motorola Solutions VT100 and VB400 body cameras have been designed with the needs of security guards in mind, protecting your employees, contractors, and customers, and improving your business. They provide an integrated video solution that deters aggression, protects the wearer and captures high-quality video evidence.

  • Reduce False Allegations
  • Increase Employee Morale
  • Improve Employee Training

Connected Devices
Remaining connected enables a smarter response and better protection. Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, MSI’s body-worn cameras deliver a powerful mix of capabilities, from live streaming for instant response to automated recording through Bluetooth sensors & beacons.

Always Ready
Whether you require shift-long recording, up to six months of battery stand-by, pre- and post-record, or automatic activation using Peer-Assisted Recording, the VT100 and VB400 have been designed to suit your needs.

Device and Video Management Made Easy
Managing a body-worn video program doesn't have to be hard. VideoManager EX enables you to manage your body cameras, and the footage they capture, on one streamlined user interface.

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

The Motorola Solutions’ VB400 body-worn camera for security staff and teams delivers live, first-person perspective video and audio of incidents. Built to withstand the rigors of the job, this rugged body-worn camera can cover an entire shift with its 12-hour battery life and provides greater situational awareness with its Avigilon Unity Video integration.

VT100 Body-Worn Camera

VT100 Body-Worn Camera

Create a safe working environment. Motorola Solutions’ VT100 body-worn camera lets you protect healthcare, retail, and commercial staff, expedite response times and dispute false claims. Achieve evidentiary detail through its integration with Avigilon Unity Video, which displays body-worn footage alongside fixed camera feeds.

VideoManager EX


Running a body camera program is now easier than ever. VideoManager EX makes administering VT100 and VB400 body cameras — and the footage they capture — simple and efficient, so you can focus on what matters.

Body Camera Management Made Easy
You and your team are busy. VideoManager EX fits around your existing workflows, architecture, and processes so it's never been easier to get a comprehensive, effective VT100 and VB400 body camera program up and running on-premises, or in the cloud.

  • Optimize VB400 Cameras for Your Team
  • Manage Your Videos Your Way
  • Automate Away the Inefficiencies

Take Back Time with VideoManager EX
Use VideoManager EX's powerful device and video management tools to minimize tedious, day-to-day admin and free up your team's time for more important tasks.

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