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Call Boxes

Communicate Without Wires or Monthly Operating Fees.

Whether used within a corporation or college campus, recreational area, shopping center or transportation system, Call Boxes provide a swift and reliable way for employees, visitors and customers to communicate to a monitoring station.

Two-way based Call Boxes allow for integration into most existing radio systems and provide direct access to personnel connected to the system. Connectivity’s design allows for expansion of security coverage and can help improve response time without the need for additional personnel. Call Boxes provide an affordable and reliable way to communicate with and secure the most remote locations.

Not only can Connectivity’s Call Boxes integrate into most existing two-way radio systems, but they are also upgradeable should a user’s radio frequency change. Built-in voice chips give audible instructions to users requiring assistance, and each unit has an automatic Call Box ID and location identifier so responding personnel can provide aid.

Wireless Call Boxes

All Connectivity Call Boxes Include:

  • Voice Instruction Message for User

  • Automatically Announces Call Box ID and User Location

  • Courtesy Light

  • Easy Push-to-talk Operation

  • Silent Tamper Alert Broadcast to Security

  • Low Battery Alert

  • 40-day Standby Battery Capacity

  • One 12 Volt, 12 Amp/Hour Rechargeable Battery

  • Call Box Keys and Tamper-resistant Screw Bits

  • 1-Year Warranty on Call Box

  • 5-Year Warranty on Solar Panel

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