Avigilon Dome Security Cameras

Know what is happening, act with certainty

See what you've been missing with discreet and easy-to-install dome IP security cameras. Make sense of what you are seeing with built-in AI capabilities.

Avigilon H6X Dome Camera

H6X Dome Camera

Protect your site with the H6X Dome that has been designed with no built-in mic so you can easily meet privacy requirements.

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Avigilon H6A Dome Camera

H6A Dome Camera

Achieve superior situational awareness anywhere, anytime with the versatile H6A Dome that offers video and audio analytics.

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Avigilon Ava Dome Camera

Avigilon Ava Dome Camera

AI-powered and cloud-enabled, this dome security camera is easy to install and manage, for both indoor and outdoor areas.

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Avigilon Ava Compact Dome Camera

Avigilon Ava Compact Dome Camera

Versatile and discreet, this cloud security camera is easy to install and manage, with AI alerts for the events that matter.

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Avigilon H6 Mini Dome Camera

H6 Mini Dome Camera

The H6 Mini Dome is an indoor dome security camera that brings high-quality images and a wide field of view in a compact design.

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Avigilon Unity H6SL Dome Camera

Avigilon Unity H6SL Dome Camera

The H6SL Dome is a weatherproof dome camera that secures your site by offering AI-powered video analytics and an optional microphone.

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Alta H6SL Dome Cloud Camera

Alta H6SL Dome Cloud Camera

The H6SL Dome is a weatherproof dome camera that secures your site by offering AI-powered video analytics and an optional microphone.

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H5M Dome Camera

H5M Dome Camera

The H5M is an outdoor dome security camera that allows you to be up and running quickly with its tool-free design.

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Detect, verify and act faster

Whether you’re protecting a large retail store or a small meeting room, obtain the level of image detail you need to safeguard your facility with our robust range of dome security camera systems.

Compact, yet powerful

When you need discreet monitoring solutions, a dome camera offers the perfect option. Its compact shape blends in easily with surroundings, while its modular design easily snaps into various mounting adapters for quick and easy installations.

Packed with powerful AI-enabled features to help you respond faster to critical events. Effortlessly monitor areas of interest and obtain superior situational awareness with the wide field of view that dome cameras bring.

Take your safety to the next level with
Motorola Solutions Safety and Security Ecosystem

It Builds

Motorola Solutions builds the best possible technologies across every part of the safety and security ecosystem to help protect people, property, and places.

Its critical communications perform in the harshest conditions and are proven to help people stay connected. Its video security powered by responsibly built AI  can focus attention when action is needed. And its command center technologies enable the ability to unite voice, video, and data in a single command center view, to make decision-making faster and more accurate. These technologies are all bolstered with managed and support services, providing an "always-on" rigor to keep technology secure, optimized, and current.

It Connects

Motorola Solutions connect public safety agencies and enterprises, enabling the collaboration that’s critical to connect those in need with those who can help.

Motorola Solutions is solving for safer communities, safer schools, safer hospitals, safer businesses – safer everywhere.

Motorola Solutions' safety and security ecosystem supports the four operational phases of managing everyday events or emergency incidents:

Detect Technologies

Step 1: Detect

Know what’s happening

  • Video security
  • AI-powered analytics
  • Access control
Analytic Technologies

Step 2: Analyze

Gather insights quickly

  • AI-powered analytics
  • GPS real-time location
  • Command center software
Communicate Technologies

Step 3: Communicate

Connect and inform the right people

  • Panic buttons and mass notifications
  • Dispatch software
  • Radio and broadband-enabled devices
Manage Technologies

Step 4: Manage

Coordinate and manage effectively

  • Body cameras
  • Video security and
    interoperable communications
  • Records and evidence management