Avigilon Access Control Credentials

Choose your way in

Avigilon Alta supports a wide range of contactless access methods and keyless credentials for flexible and secure entry for every user and every door.

Touchless access

Hands-free mobile access

Avigilon Alta’s cloud-based mobile credentials enable a 100% touchless entry experience, backed by patented Triple Unlock technology for 99.9% unlock reliability.

Wave to Unlock
Simply wave your hand in front of the reader while your phone is on you to unlock the door — no contact necessary.

Bluetooth recognition
Avigilon readers use a combination of Bluetooth and motion detection to instantly recognize and authenticate mobile credentials.

Fast and reliable
The sub-second unlock is perfect for lobbies or primary entrances with high traffic, and any area that prioritizes convenience.

Key cards and fobs

Encrypted key cards and fobs

For users who require a physical badge, Avigilon offers the same level of security and convenience.

Secure encrypted cards
DESFire EV3 128-bit AES cryptographic cards with digitally signed identifiers make it extremely difficult to clone or copy cards.

Backward compatible
Popular MIFARE RFID and proximity cards are also supported when running hybrid mode with a legacy card system.

Custom and on-demand badge printing
Design custom ID badges with the easy-to-use Badge Template creator, then print on-demand using your own badge printer.

Keypad access

Secure PIN code credentials

The Avigilon Smart Keypad Reader enables PIN-based entry for credentialed users and visitors, with the ability to adjust and send PIN codes from anywhere and at any time.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Layer security using any combination of credentials and access methods, such as key cards and PIN codes.

Durable, secure keypad design
Capacitive touch keypad reduces wear-and-tear, with static LED backlight and easy-to-clean surface to prevent snooping.

PIN-activated lockdown
Activate and revert Avigilon Alta Lockdown plans onsite using a unique PIN.

See Keypad Reader details

Guest Pass

Digital Guest Pass credentials

Simplify access control credential management for visitors with Avigilon Alta digital Guest Passes. Send a Guest Access Link to one-time visitors from wherever you are via email, text or messaging app.

Temporary access
Authorized users can grant limited entry privileges to guests or service providers as needed.

Customizable for every guest
Share access credentials to one or more entries, and limit when and how long guests will have access.

No app needed
Visitors can simply click the link and access entries via a web browser — no app install required.