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  • Repeater Installations
  • BDA Installations

» Installations

Vehicle Installations

Hankeys Radio performs professional installations of all Motorola Two-way communication and emergency equipment

» Vehicle Installations


Hankey's Radio Inc. has Certified Service Technicians that can program all supported Motorola Branded products to our customers specifications. 

» Programming

Maintenance Contacts

As a Motorola Service Station (MSS) we provide support for small local system to the largest multi-site County and state wide Public Safety Radio systems.

» Maintenance Contacts

Radio Rentals

Motorola Rental Services can design competitive communication packages to suit anything from small events through to larger or longer-term projects.

» Radio Rentals


Motorola Branded Warranty & Repairs

The major benefits for our customers is that we service everything we sell, and our extensive and diverse range of communications products means the customer get one-stop shopping, which has been our goal from the beginning.

» Motorola Branded Warranty and Repairs

FCC Licensing

We can help you with your FCC Licensing needs including filing your application.

» FCC Licensing Services.

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